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Photograph by Peter Hurley

Photograph by Peter Hurley

When you mention the name HOLLE THEE MAXWELL, you have mentioned a name that is respected all over the world. She IS "THEE entertainer's entertainer" and IS better than she has ever been before! Musically, this lady has done it all, traveled the world and knows everybody that is somebody and is equally well known by those same somebody's.

HOLLY MAXWELL was born HOLLE THEE MAR CLARO DE' MAXWELL; she is now HOLLE THEE MAXWELL. She sang her first song professionally at the age of five years young. Unlike many other artists, she gives all due respect and credit to a higher spiritual power for creating her parents, Marcellus and Eula Thee Gladys, her main inspiration to start music with classical piano and singing opera. She learned to sing in German, French and Italian.


Freebase Ain’t Free Out Now!


Holle’s First Book

Holle Thee Maxwell recounts the many years she spent in the company of Ike Turner during his period of self-facilitated seclusion (also known as his “fifteen-year party”), his brief prison stay where he kicked his drug habit, and his eventual return to prominence as the successful and influential musician he was born to be. Freebase Ain’t Free tracks the intersecting and intertwining of these two kindred spirits, their mutual ups and downs and the arc of their inexplicably dynamic relationship. Please go to the merchandise page for more information, thank you.

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