Holle THEE Maxwell Sings THEE Classics

Track Listing:
1. Impossible
2. One Thin Dime
3. Let Him Go For Himself
4. Only When You Lonely
5. Philly Barracuda
6. Don't Say You Love Me Until You Do
7. Suffer
8. No One Else
9. Never Gonna Love Again

All Kinds’a Blues…All Kinds’a Ways

Track Listing:
1. Never Make Your Move Too Soon
2. God Bless THEE Child
3. Only When You Lonely
4. If I Can't Sell it, I'll Sit On It
5. Evil Gal
6. Wake Up Daddy
7. Fever/Spoonful

Holle THEE Maxwell Live at the Maxwell Cafe, Paris France

Track Listing:
1. Blues In G (a) Stormy Monday, b) C.C. Rider, c) Goin' To Chicago, d) Everyday I Have The Blues, e) Baby, What You Want Me To Do?, f) Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean, g) Meet Me With Your Black Draws On)
2. Since I Fell For You
3. You Better Stop
4. Last Two Dollars (Lady At THEE Casino)
5. Dr. Feelgood
6. Give me One Reason/Better Be Good To Me
7. I Been Loving You Too Long
8. Proud Mary
9. Love's Got Me

Only When You’re Lonely

Track Listing:
1. Only When You’re Lonely
2. Only When You’re Lonely (Instrumental)

This track is different from the one on THEE Classics. The single, Only When You’re Lonely was re-recorded for steppers.